Maintaining integrity in every market

AVAILABILITY: I am available to speak at writing, church and business conferences/events, and at schools, colleges and universities.   Following is a sampling of topics I have taught, or will teach.  Please email me for availability. I am especially seeking opportunities to minister to youth, women, and ministry leaders at Sunday services, retreats, and other special programs and events.









Discovering Your Gifts For Writing
Maximize your potential by connecting your spiritual gifts to your publishing efforts.  Learn what types of manuscripts are better suited for particular spiritual gifts.  Discover how to target appropriate markets,
while becoming a writer editors love to work with.

Harnessing Hope
Studies prove surfers are hungry for online spiritual content.  Feed that hunger -- use the Internet to share your faith with believers and unbelievers. Learn how to do just that. Handouts include freelancer-friendly ministry markets.

Writing Wrongs
What are common freelance mistakes, and how can you avoid these? How can you "write" wrongs you've made? These and other questions will be addressed in this session designed to help you improve editor-writer relationships.


Wired, But Wary

Too many writers are either afraid to tap into the ‘Net’s potential, or simply don’t know how.  Learn strategic and easy navigational keys from a writer who gets more than 95% of her business via the ‘Net.  Suitable for Christian and general audiences.  Also taught for editors, providing useful tips on diverse e-business topics including how to network online, reach appropriate writers, and manage e-content.


Maximizing Your Potential with a Zine

Effective Internet publications – or zines – help writers to maximize their career as they increase exposure, reach readers, and market skills.  Learn how to effectively develop, market and distribute a zine to build a professional image and increase income opportunities. 


Writing for Denominational Markets

Don’t overlook denominational markets simply because you’re not a member.  Instead, become a writer denominational magazine and website editors can love.  Topics include: pitfalls to avoid, 10 tips for breaking in, and finding markets. 


Successful Selling to General /Secular Markets

General markets seek articles, columns, features, essays, fillers and more.  Learn how to write for, and market to, local, regional, national and international markets.


Writing for Multicultural Markets

Effectively reaching a culturally diverse readership is a challenging issue.  Content, artwork and other factors help foster or hinder feelings of acceptance among many readers, representing varied races, genders, disabilities, etc.  Discover how to effectively write for
multi-cultural readers, while strengthening your commitment to your target audiences.  Handouts include a list of multi-cultural book and magazine markets, and resources  for staying abreast of multi-cultural trends.

Freelance Basics: 5 Keys to Success

An informative, easy-to-follow course, helps writers launch a success freelance career in one year or less.  Suitable for Christian and general audiences.


Target Marketing

Where are the freelancer friendly markets?  How can you break in? How can you effectively use theme lists and editorial calendars for on-target queries and submissions? Draws from experience as the former markets columnist for The Writing, and Northwest Christian Author.   


The Write Call

Designed primarily for Christian writers, this course helps writers to understand and embrace their God-given gift of writing.  Provides practical instruction coupled with timeless Bible-based inspiration. Suitable for Christian audiences.


Writing for Religious Markets

Writers who couple their experiences and interests with their faith, religious beliefs, views, and/or opinions, will likely find many new market opportunities.  This course provides tips on writing for print and online religious markets.  Suitable for general audiences.


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Write the Vision: How to Plan Your Business on Paper

Suitable for Christian audiences.


Marketing 101

Suitable for Christian and general audiences.


Speaking for the Chicken-Hearted

Suitable for Christian and general audiences.


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Daughters of Ruth

Focus: Single women and dating/romance; enjoying one's season of singleness.


Flirting with God

Focus: Intimacy with God, developing a passion for Christian maturity. 


Right to Heal/Write to Heal

Focus: From brokenness to wholeness, includes a writing component that helps attendees

write their stories. 

(appropriate for youth, men and women.)

Speaking for the Chicken-Hearted

Suitable for individuals in various ministry roles.


Spiritual Protocol: Effective Ministry Development

Suitable for new and established leaders.


The Josiah Generation

Focus: Youngsters developing a heart for God

(appropriate for youth, or geared for parents, youth workers, or church leaders)


TIM(2): Teens in Ministry Too (based on 1 Timothy 4:12)

Focus: Teens embracing the call to serve God

(appropriate for youth, or geared for parents, youth workers, or church leaders)


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